About Us

CCCS NID stands for Consumer Credit Counseling Services Northern Idaho. That is quite a mouthful. The basic idea of what we do is to help you get out of financial trouble or prevent you from getting into trouble. Our basic services include educating clients on financial planning, helping them with budgeting, and also assisting with plans for debt management.

Any CCCS agency belongs to the NFCC, which means we do too This means that the quality of our services is high and monitored. All our staff is accredited in what they do and everyone has the necessary certifications to do their jobs. We are a non-profit organization trying to help those in need of financial assistance.

We cater for clients in the Northern Idaho and surrounding areas. Anyone can make an appointment by calling or by just dropping in. We are a very friendly group of people and our purpose is to help you prevent problems with your finances. However, if you are already in some trouble, we can help you get out of it.

Our doors are open to anyone who needs help. All our staff is qualified and all information you give us will remain confidential. We offer sound and non-judgmental advice. Our sessions aim to educate and foster good financial behaviors. We offer you peace of mind by helping you solve your problem and avoid falling into the same traps again.